Quickleen S - Cleaning Product

Quickleen -S is 11 times more powerful than caustic soda.

It is non-toxic, requires no gl0ves and is safe to use. Join the Quickleen revolution today.

Better - Faster - Cheaper

Quickleen-S cuts through grease, sanitises, kills mould, mildew, bacteria and other allergy causing pathogens. For baked on areas like BBQ's and Ovens there is no need for toxic alkaline-based cleaners.

Quickleen-S works differently to other cleaners, combing both the ability to cut through and remove baked on grease with a powerful capability to remove hard water salts, scale, rust and general corrosion on metal or glass. This allows it to replace literally dozens of individual cleaning products, saving you time, money and space.

When mixed with water to form an all purpose spray-on cleaner and sanitiser, it costs less than 2 cents per 100ml.

The commercial and domestic uses for this product are endless. It will clean stainless steel, chrome, copper, brass, silver, aluminium, metal, floor and wll tiles, shower screens, glass and bench tops.




The product is 11 times more powerful than caustic soda yet it is safe to use and surprisingly contains no phosphorous.



No phosphorous. No chemical smell or fumes. Environmentally Friendly. 100% biodegradable and safe to touch


Food Grade

With a HACCP food safety certification, it can be used before or after cooking. As it also sanitises it is safe to prepare food on any surface.

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