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One of the main reasons that people do not start their own business or take on board a new product line or Distribution opportunity is they feel they cannot sell the product or service.

"That's for the professional salesperson" or "I don't have that type of personality"

Anyone who feels this way... All I have to say to you is “don't worry.” Some of Quickleens’ most successful distributors    do very little talking and have never been a ‘sales person’ before. Once they are in front of anyone who is responsible for cleanliness, hygiene, food preparation, maintenance or just keeping a surface looking as good as possible they simply DO THE DEMONSTRATION.           The product sells itself.


Watch the chef's eyes and his mouth drop when you have just shown him how to remove the burn marks and burnt on grease from his stainless steel oven using Quickleen-S... marks that he had just said were impossible to remove!

Listen to the remarks from his staff on how much time they will save or how user friendly it is. How can something that is 11 times more powerful than caustic soda be so easy to use! No gloves, no protective eye wear, no waiting, no fumes...just wipe on and wipe off. Too easy.

Just wait till you hear the comments from the staff when you turn the greasy and smelly filters over the frying vats into clean, odourless and functioning filters after soaking them in hot water and Quickleen-R for 5 minutes.

It's simply a matter of doing the demo... the order WILL follow!

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