About Quickleen

The story of Quickleen began with various personal demonstrations, now it's a worldwide product.

Once the product was developed our primary difference was not only in how effective "Quickleen" proved to be as a hard surface cleaner, but the method of distributing and selling this unique cleaning product. The 'inventor' began by visiting various businesses throughout Melbourne and Victoria personally, and doing one on one demonstrations to businesses (which included restaurants, take-aways, function centres, airports etc.) to actually show and prove how superior
Quickleen-S was compared to the harsh and toxic chemicals that were currently being used.


In Richard's own words "Demonstrations were brief - lasting only a few minutes. All I had to do was wipe over a small area of a dirty kitchen griller, stainless steel bench top or oven with Quickleen-S to prove how easily and quickly this amazing product could remove any stain present. Quickleen-S spoke for itself and success was immediate with a strike rate of 8 sales for every 10 presentations made."

The next step was to offer the product in 5Kg and 10Kg buckets so that larger venues, Local Governments, Cleaning Contractors and high volume users had plenty of Quickleen-S available in each location.

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After a couple of years a completely new product Quickleen-R was introduced.

Quickleen-R was created as a heavy-duty detergent for use as a DIY cleaner for range hoods and exhaust filters. It is an easy to use and inexpensive replacement for 'filter exchange' services that will save commercial customers 100s of dollars every year and is especially good for domestic situations where the exhaust hood over the stove rarely gets cleaned and sanitised properly.

You now have a choice of two products in a variety of small and large containers being supplied to commercial, government, industrial and domestic customers throughout Australia and 9 other countries. The level of customer satisfaction can be judged by the fact that we have an astonishing repeat order rate of over 70%.

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Today we are selling - in one Australian State alone - an average of 13.6 tons of Quickleen products every month

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